Ok so the thing is, I got rid of my VooDoo3 and got a nice ATi Radeon 9500 Pro flashed to 9700 Pro. Anyway, it now is in my friends mom's machine and that's a win9x box : /
So there won't be any more work done on the 3dfx tool ... i'd give you the wip 0.0.4 but i don't think it even compiles anyway. However if you don't have yet, get 0.0.3 if it isn't for the GUI, get it for the extra options in the BT864 driver that the guys at lm_sensors won't add. there's a patch in it for your kernel to update the module. (To enable flicker filter etc.) For questions e.d. E-Mail me.

The other day I got VERY tempted on buying GeForce .... mx. So that was a no no, but this dude wanted to buy my VooDoo3 so I almost did it. Anyway nvidia sucks, specially with OpenSource drivers so forget that.
Oh And Somebody PLEASE PLEASE help me fix the bt869 kernel module. The approach it's using now is just .... piss. Maybe a nice /dev/ entry works better or a /proc entry where only address and value go in but atleast respond faster. Because this is getting horrible.

ToDo for next version: Flicker filter.
why? because i just saw the diffrence with the VooDoo in win with the ff fully enabled and wow, what a diffrence, seems like it's totally disabled by default. So that'll be up next.


Current version of 3dfx TV Tool

Older versions are available aswell. Just use version nr to dl. ex. 3dfx_tvtool-0.0.1.jpg is the screenshot of the first! version.
broken link fixed btw, my bad, dunno what went wrong.